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...most flexible

Our interactive eLearning modules are the most flexbile option to learn. You have 24/7 access to the platform for 180 days after purchase.

...most cost-effective

  • no travel cost
  • no travel time
  • no expenses

...on any platform

They work on all Windows PCs, Macs and iPads, and Android Tablets.


...with any browser

You can use any browser: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari



Optional: Integration into your corporate Learning Environment (Fully SCORM compatible)

For organisationas: Easily integrate CSK eLearning into your LMS (Learning Management System)

SCORMAll CSK eLearning modules are fully SCORM compliant (1.1, 1.2 and 2004). Also, you can integrate our eLearning solutions into AICC, cmi5, and Tin Can API.

  • Guaranteed compatibility with your online educational platforms - keep track of all the employees’ results and store them.
  • Maximised cost-effectiveness as there are no additional costs for integrating.
  • All content will still be usable even if you choose to change or upgrade your LMS.
  • Employees will recognise standard SCORM content structure right away and will be able to get straight to work.
  • Interactive content that complies to SCORM best practices are trusted to be usable and functional.
  • CSK’s SCORM compliant eLearning modules are ready to use right away with no additional development necessary.

Please contact us for more information.