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What happens if I fail?

Unless the candidate does not submit an appeal, he can retake the examination again after six months.


APMP Certification Process


APMP Certification FAQ

  • Why APMP Certification? +

    The Certification brings many benefits for proposal managers as well as for companies and organisations. For Individuals Career Progress Individuals will become more valuable to employers because an APMP certification: Proves ability as a proposal manager Proves impact as a Read More
  • What will be tested? +

    The Professional Certification Program uses a process of competency assessment that is consistent and fair as well as measured against world best practice standards. The Certification Program is a series of sequential assessments. A direct entry to Practitioner or Professional Read More
  • How long is my Certification valid? +

    In order to maintain an active certification status and to satisfy CPD program requirements and, once you are certified to any level, you must earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through carrying out activities that will improve and broaden your skills Read More
  • How much time does it take? +

    Depending on the Certification Level, it takes between one day and two weeks to prepare for each level. Foundation-Level: Total Effort ~1—2 days We recommend to spend about 1 day for your individual preparation, and then a Certification Workshop, offered Read More
  • What happens if I fail? +

    Unless the candidate does not submit an appeal, he can retake the examination again after six months.     Read More
  • Who offers Certification Workshops? +

    To offer Certification training and preparation workshops, the training provider needs to be an „Approved Training Organisation“ (ATO) of APMP. In Europe, there are currently four ATOs. The ATO status (Approved Training Organisation) allows CSK to provide APMP training workshops Read More
  • What is the cost? +

    The examination fees vary between EUR 300 and 680, depending on the Certification Level. The fees for the individual preparation support or certification training depend on the training provider. Certification Level US Dollars Pound Sterling Euro Australian Dollar Indian Rupee Read More
  • What are the preconditions? +

    The APMP Certification Program is available for a broad target group. The preconditions depend on the certification level. source: APMP International Read More
  • APMP Documentation +

    The complete documentation on the APMP Certification Program can be found on the APMP website. Please click on Read More
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