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2. Storyline Workshop

CSK Storyline Workshop

The quality of any document depends on the right story and on the convincing arguments behind this story: the storyline. The Message Tree workshop addresses the systematic development of a story and a logically structured, easy-to-understand storyline, based on what is called a Message Tree.

This course addresses anyone who needs to write "convincing" documents, such as business writers, proposal managers and other writers (such as subject matter experts), as well as salespeople who are involved in the proposal process.


  • Participants study the success factors of a convincing document or a winning proposal.
  • Participants develop "Key Messages" and write a logical, convincing storyline using the concept of a Message Tree.
  • Participants practise the formulation of compelling text, using real examples to apply the "Seven Golden Style Guidelines".


  • Interactive 1- or 2-day workshop with max. 20 participants.
  • Theoretical input and practical tools.
  • Exercises and real-life case examples.
  • Qualified and structured feedback from trainer and participants.


1 or 2 day(s) (~ 08.30 a.m. — 5.30 p.m.)




English, German