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APMP foundation-level workshop

APMP Foundation-LevelThis 1-day course gives you a comprehensive overview on proposal management best practices to prepare you for the APMP Foundation-Level exam. It concludes with the exam.

This training is based on the most current APMP competencies (from May 2016).


  • The course covers the five key competency areas sales orientation, proposal planning, proposal development, proposal management, and information research and knowledge management.
  • Introduction into the APMP specific terminology.
  • Over 70 APMP approved sample questions prepare you for the exam. It also provides useful hints on how to approach the Foundation exam.
  • The exam itself (multiple choice, 75 questions, paper-based exam)


  • Interactive 1-day workshop with up to 15 participants.
  • Two preparatory webinars (30-45 minutes each)
  • Theoretical input and practical tools.


The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium (eBook or Paperback)


1 day (~ 09.00 a.m. — 06.00 p.m.) + two preparatory webinars
(without individual preparation)


  • 1 year experience in the field of bid or proposal management or adjacent disciplines
  • English (for non-native speakers: at least Cambridge Advanced)


  • Course language: English or German
  • Exam language: English