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The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium


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CSK's Global BidMaster™ Certification

2023 Certified BidMaster Gold BadgeOptional:
End-of-program assessment - Become a Certified BidMaster

As an option, participants of the entire program can sit the end-of-program assessment, free of charge. Successful candidates receive a Certified BidMaster™ Digital Badge and an individual Certificate of Achievement in PDF format. This exam is exclusive to attendants of this course curriculum.

To become a Certified BidMaster™, participants need to:

  • Attend at least 70% of the modules as a live participant.
  • Sit the 90 minutes end-of-training assessment and achieve at least Bronze level
  • Submit a proposal text sample based on a given scenario

Exclusive to participants of the Global BidMaster™ program

  • Target Group: The Certified BidMaster™ is aimed at experienced bid/proposal or capture professionals. The assessment is exclusively available to those who have completed the Global BidMaster™ Program webinar series (it is therefore not a competing certification to the APMP certification scheme).
  • The exam itself is free of charge.
  • Participants can decide to take the assessment until 2 weeks after the last webinar session. The exam needs to be taken within 4 months after the last webinar.

The assessment consists of two parts

Part I: The online exam
Online exam with 100 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes (non-native speakers get 100 minutes)

  • The exam covers topics presented in the BidMaster™ webinar series. Not necessarily everything is documented in the slides, but it was certainly explained. All answers are based on the Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium.
  • The exam will be open book, so you can use any offline materials. You cannot use online tools (such as Google or Chat GPT) or the APMP BoK.
  • Wrong answers are counted as minus 33% of the potential marks.
  • The maximum score is 100 marks.
  • To pass the overall exam, you need to achieve at least 50 marks in the online exam.
  • For Part I, candidates will be registered on CSK's exam platform, and they can sit the online exam any time.

Part II: Submission of a revised executive summary
A writing exercise (you need to re-write an executive summary based on a scenario)

  • At an agreed point in time, you will receive your prep materials: You will receive a scenario with a description of the bidder, the customer, the opportunity and some background information. You will have now 30 minutes to familiarise yourself with the scenario.
  • You will receive a draft executive summary in Microsoft Word format 30 minutes after having received the above.
  • You are now tasked to re-work this summary within an hour, using track changes in Word. You may add, change or delete words, phrases or entire paragraphs. However, it is not the idea to completely re-write it.
  • You must send your version back after an hour (75 minutes for non-native English speakers). For every five minutes you are delayed, 10 marks are deducted from the overall result.
  • We will review your changes based on a fixed set of criteria. The maximum score is 50 marks.

Overall, you can achieve 150 marks

  • You can achieve up to 100 marks in the online exam, and up to 50 marks in the writing exercise.
  • If you achieve 75+ marks, you have passed on Bronze Level.
  • If you achieve 100+ marks, you have passed on Silver Level.
  • If you achieve 135+ marks, you have passed on Gold Level.
  • Once you have passed, you will receive a separate Digital Badge and an individual PDF certificate of your achievement (in addition to the Digital Badge and Certificate you get anyway for your participation in the webinar series).
  • If you fail, you can re-sit once at a date of your choice.
  • If you have passed and you wish to achieve a higher level (for instance you have achieved Bronze Level, and you wish to achieve Silver or Gold Level), you can re-sit after a waiting period of 6 months, for an administrative fee of USD 50 /EUR 50 / GBP 45.

What’s the difference between APMP’s (signature) certification scheme and CSK’s BidMaster™ Certification?


APMP Certification (Foundation, Practitioner*)

BidMaster™ Certification


independent, global certification program

end-of-training assessment of Global BidMaster™ Program


to anyone

only to participants of BidMaster™ classes,
as a free option to the course programme


USD 425 (Foundation), USD 425 (Practitioner)
(prices Jan 2024)

free for participants of BidMaster™ classes


through 20+ Approved Training Organisations

Through CSK only



CSK materials, based on Compendium, aligned with APMP BoK

Exam type

multiple choice

multiple choice and submission of documents


three separate exams, pass/fail

one exam, three pass levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze)


Foundation: 1 year of experience
Practitioner: 3 years of experience, APMP member

attendance of at least 70% of the course time

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